Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

Definition of Criteria of Membership for Schools

1. CONSTITUENT INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS – These are FOUNDER MEMBER SCHOOLS (First 10 FULLY Boarding Schools to become Institutional Members)


  1. FULL MEMBERSHIP - (Institutional Membership for FULLY Boarding Schools)  Click here for Full Membership
  2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Institutional Membership for PARTIALLY Boarding Schools) Click here for Associate Membership

Class of Members:

The membership of the Association shall consist of:

a)  Individual Members:

  1. Founder Individual Members (As listed at the time of Regn)
  2. Honorary Individual Members (Upto 11 invited by the Managing Committee)

b)  Institutional Members:

  1. Constituent Institutional Members (First 10 Registered Institutional Members)
  2. Ordinary Institutional Members (All other Full and Associate Members)


a)  Individual Members:

  1. Founder Individual Members: Founding Individual Members listed in the Memorandum, will retire from the Association after attaining the age of 75 (seventy- five years).
  2. Honorary Individual Members:

·The Management Committee may invite up to 11 individuals to be honorary members.

·These members shall have a term of three years from the date of becoming member.  With the consent of the retiring member, the Management Committee may extend the term by another three years.

·The member shall be currently or previously employed in a senior position by a boarding school.

·The membership shall be approved by the Management Committee.

·Out of 11 individual members, 5 will be ladies.


b)   Institutional Members:

      Requisite Criteria

  1. The schools may be located within or outside India (for schools outside India membership will be granted after prior permission of the state government).
  2. They should be fully residential private unaided schools.
  3. Applicant Institution shall fill out the application, in a prescribed form, for membership.
  4. Approval for membership shall be subject to a campus visit and audit by a team of members appointed by the Managing Committee to determine whether the school meets the standards and values of the association.
  5. If a boarding school's application for membership is accepted, the Head of the School or Deputy Head, as Authorised by their Board, shall represent the school in the General Body.
  6. Application of the School/institution shall be accompanied with initial application fee to Rs 40000/- as one-time Regn and Admission Fee out of which Rs 10000/- is non-refundable Registration Fee and Admission Fee of Rs 30000/- is a refundable Fee, if membership is not granted, for whatsoever reason.


The first 10 applicants, fulfilling the above criteria, after Society's incorporation, shall be designated as Constituent Institutional Members and the rest shall be designated as Ordinary Institutional Members. Fully Residential Schools shall become FULL Members and partially Residential Schools shall become ASSOCIATE Members and

 Applications for membership by individuals and institutions will be received by the Management Committee and acceptance shall be determined using the criteria listed above.


c)  Membership Fees:

  1. Every Individual Member (Founder and Honorary Individual Member) shall pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 100/- (One Hundred Rupees Only).
  2. Institutional   Member (Constituent   Institutional   Member   and   Ordinary Institutional Member) shall pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand Only) to enjoy the full rights and privileges of being a member of the association.


The Managing Committee has the power to determine and change the fees, as and when it deems necessary.


d) Cessation & Termination of Membership:

·Membership of the Association shall cease if an individual member dies or resigns.

·Individual and Institutional Members may be expelled for any of the following reasons:

                  o    For being found in violation of the association’s rules and values.

                  o    If their activities are detrimental or prejudicial to the aims and objectives of the Association.

                  o    If a member is convicted of a criminal offence.

                  o    Or any other egregious activity as determined by the Board Directors.

                  o    An institutional membership shall be automatically cancelled/removed if it accepts any Day Scholars (except employees’ wards) or become a day/weekly boarding or a day School.

·The Board of Directors/ Managing Committee may initiate proceedings to expel a member. It may follow a process critically examining any evidence of impropriety:

                  o    The power to expel members rests solely with the Board of Directors. Approval of such a decision would require a simple majority of the members of the Board of Directors.

e) Code of Conduct of Members

·Every member shall be bound by the provisions of the Memorandum of Association, and decisions made or taken by the Association or its Managing Committee from time to time.