BSAI Rules And Regulations

BSAI Rules And Regulations


  1. CONSTITUENT FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP (FIRST 10 Fully-Boarding Schools to become Full Members). 
  2. FULL MEMBERSHIP (Institutional Membership for FULLY Boarding Schools).
  3. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Institutional Membership for PARTIALLY Boarding Schools).
  5. FOUNDING MEMBERS (Individual).


  • The Head of a fully residential, unaided (Boys/Girls/Co-Ed) school, with more than 200 residential students may apply for FULL membership to the President of BSAI on the prescribed form obtainable from the BSAI website.
  • A school having more than 200 residential students plus day scholar students may apply as an ASSOCIATE member. Day-Scholars shall be considered those students enrolled as day-scholars or day-boarders.
  • If a school starts accepting day scholars even in the future, it will automatically lose the Full BSAI membership and shall be converted into being an Associate Member.
  • Foreign Residential Schools may also apply as Associate Members.
  • Associate Members will not have voting rights at the AGM and may not be elected as office bearers.
  • Except voting rights all participation and expectations, will be similar for Full Member and Associate Member Schools.
  • Associate Members will pay the same fee as Full Members.
  • In case the residential boarding house strength of students in any Full Member or Associate Member School falls below 200 after obtaining membership at a strength of 200 Boarders, the school may stand to lose its membership.
  • All Member Schools (BSAI Members, Full and Associate) should embrace similarities and differences between cultures, regions and nationalities in a way that promotes meaningful and lasting understanding and mutual respect.
  • All Member Schools should be willing to organize at least one BSAI event per year and should participate in at least two events/festivals/seminars etc. organized by other BSAI schools every year (in addition to the one organized by itself).
  • Each Member School should create opportunities to connect with other BSAI schools in terms of sharing best practices and/or resources/professional development programmes.
  • Once a school is approved for membership it will be presented with a certificate of membership and will be permitted to use the BSAI logo (with no change in color) on its stationery and website and souvenirs, while the membership is current.
  • All Heads of Member Schools are required to attend the AGM. If a Head is unable to attend, the Deputy Head may attend in his/her place.
  • The BSAI (Managing Committee) may invite up to 11 (Eleven) Individuals who have served in the field of education who may be nominated as Honorary Members, for a term of 3 years. With the consent of the retiring member, the Management Committee may extend the term by another three years. Out of 11 individual members, a minimum of 5 are to be ladies.
  • The Founding Members as listed in the Articles/Memorandum of Association shall retire at the age of 75 years of age.


  • Visit the BSAI Site:
  • Fill the Application Form after submitting the non-refundable Application Fee of INR.10,000/-.
  • Submit the Form along with Proof of Payment.
  • The BSAI will depute two Members (Principals) to visit the school.
  • The cost of travel and hospitality of the two Members are to be borne by the school being visited.
  • After the visit the two Members shall submit their report to the BSAI Managing Committee.
  • The Managing Committee shall approve/disapprove the membership depending on their recommendation and inform the school accordingly.
  • In the event the school is denied membership, it will be given reasons and adequate time to reapply.
  • Once the Membership is granted (Full or Associate) the Annual Fee of INR 30,000/- is to be paid by the school, immediately.


  • Full or Associate Membership (Institutional) may cease if the full-boarding/residential strength falls below 200.
  • Full Membership (Institutional) for “fully” residential schools shall automatically be converted to Associate Membership (Institutional) if it accepts any Day Scholars (except employee wards) or becomes a day-school or a weekly-boarding-school.
  • Founding Membership shall cease if an individual dies, resigns, is convicted of a criminal offence or reaches the age of 75.
  • An Honourary Member shall cease to be a member after his/her term of 3 or 6 years expires.
  • Individual/Institutional Members may be suspended/terminated for any of the following reasons:
    1. For violation of the Association’s Rules, Regulations or values.
    2. If their activities are detrimental or prejudicial to the aims and objectives of the Association.
    3. Or for any other objectionable activity as determined by the Managing Committee.
  • The Managing Committee may initiate proceedings to expel a member and critically examine any evidence of impropriety.
  • The power to expel members rests solely with the Managing Committee and is to be ratified at the AGM by a simple majority.


  • Institutional Members shall fill the Application Form after submitting the non-refundable Application Fee of Rs. 10,000/-.
  • Once approved for membership, the Institutional Members (Full or Associate) will be  required to deposit the BSAI Annual Fee of Rs 30,000/-                                 
  • Every Individual Member (Founder and Honourary Individual Member) shall pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 100/- (One Hundred Rupees Only).
  • The Managing Committee has the power to determine and revise the fees, as and when deemed fit.



Sd/ Secretary BSAI