Established by Ms. H. S. Oliphant in 1937, Welham Boys’ School had modest beginnings as a preparatory school. Initially it served to prepare boys for admission to elite and established Public Schools. Over the last two decades Welham Boys’ has grown to be an elite and established Public School itself- at par with the very same institutions that it was a feeder for. Over the last 83 years, this residential school campus-spread over a 30- acre wooded, lush, arboreal estate has groomed successive generations of boys for roles of responsibility and leadership. More than what it was, or is, or will be, our strength lies in all that Welham Boys’ does and stands for - excellence in academics, sports and co-curricular activities, a concern for our immediate and general environment- not just the physical but the social as well, and above all - a commitment towards producing responsible, just, honourable individuals, multi-dimensional in their interests, excited about the pursuit of knowledge and ‘driven’ in whatever they may choose to do.