The Doon School is one of the most prestigious all-boys boarding schools in India with a storied history. It was established in 1935, materializing a Kolkata Lawyer SR Das’ vision of a school modelled on the British public school but for the future generations of Indian leaders. The school’s first Headmaster was Arthur E. Foot, an Englishman from Eton College. He along with other early illustrious faculty like RL Holdsworth, JAK Martyn, Jack Gibson and Gurdial Singh, ensured a strong foundation of excellence across all facets of the educational experience, focusing on strong traditions of sport and mountaineering too.       The school’s beautiful seventy-acre campus with a vast range of flora, fauna and bird life provide all boys with ample green space and fresh air where they are able to live and learn. It is an environment rarely offered by schools in large and small cities in India, or indeed some other countries.   Perhaps the biggest strength of Doon today is its illustrious alumni that includes prominent politicians, artists, writers, thought leaders, military officials and business people. Represented by the Doon School Old Boys’ Society (DSOBS), the Doscos, as they are known, only number about 5000 but hold some of the most powerful positions across various industries in the world. The alumni list runs long but Doon’s proud egalitarian and service traditions run deep throughout their lives, a manifestation of Arthur Foot’s ethos of producing ‘An Aristocracy of Service.’